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Description of the Martin Yale DryLam ALM3222 Automatic Laminator

Martin Yale has teamed with DryLam to add 2 new laminators to their well-known line of print finishing products. The ALM 3222 Automatic Laminator is a compact machine that takes up less than 4 sq. ft. There's no need to make table space for the ALM3222, it comes with its own stand with locking roller casters for mobility.
The ALM 3222 takes less than 5 minutes to warm up and its ready to go. It can handle up to 200 sheets of paper in sizes ranging from letter (81/2 x 11) up to digital paper (13_x009d_ x 19_x009d_). It can run virtually unattended. Choose from two trimming methods: flush trim or sealed edge on all 4 sides. The ALM 3222 accepts paper weights from standard copy paper up to 130lb cover paper. Film thickness can range from 1.5mil up to 5mil. The ALM 3222 uses exclusive ALM ASAP Roll Film, glossy and matte films are available, please call for details.

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