Watens Filter – BC16x2 Whipro 16-gram Threaded CO2 Cartridges


BC16x2 Whipro 16-gram Threaded CO2 Cartridges at Watens Filter. Shop Now
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American Residents Only
Each charger is filled with 16 grams of the highest quality industry-grade CO2.
Made from 100% recycled steel.
Zinc coating prevents rust on the charger.
Disposable (Note: Only dispose of empty cartridges)
Fits most standard 3/8" threaded CO2 bike inflator heads.
Threaded, non-refillable
WARNING: Never store the cartridges in or near any hot place, such as under direct sunshine, near a heat source or left in a car. Never use low quality CO2 head. Make sure the device has fully punctured the head of the cartridge. If not, or you find that the gas being released very slowly or the gas is freezing the head, discharge the gas for a few minutes until the bottle is fully empty, then dispose of properly.
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